Leading UK film director, Terry Gilliam, directed The Wholly Family, being shown at the London Film Festival last month for Garofalo pasta.

The film had its Italian premiere in Rome at the end of May and is tipped for success in the European Film Academy Short Film Award 2011.

The film was shot on location in Naples earlier this year with an Italian cast, and Italian producer Gabriele Oricchio. It follows the adventures of an American couple and their ten year old son on a visit to the city. The Wholly Family is the fifth film produced by Garofalo and the first to have such a high profile director.

Amy Gilliam, producer of ‘The Wholly Family’ describes the film: “A crowded street in the heart of Naples, teeming with shops selling elaborate Nativity scenes, beautifully carved Holy Families, grotesque Pulcinella. A tourist couple and their 10 year-old son Jake try to push their way through the crowd. While his parents quarrel, Jake lags behind, attracted by the carved Pulcinella.

“Spellbound by these extraordinary figures, the boy stops at a stall and peering around to see that no one is watching, reaches for one of the Punchinellos. Jake’s parents suddenly realise that he is no longer with them. Desperately, they begin to search for him, blaming each other for the mishap. But the child is not there and so begins a dreamlike journey between reality and imagination through the most hidden places and symbols of Naples; a city that Terry Gilliam manages to capture with all of its contradiction, danger and magic.”


Garofalo entered the world of cinema in 2008, with its first film ‘Alchemy of Taste’ after the company took a strategic decision to provide some much needed support to the Italian film industry, and at the same time, support the development of its brand.

According to Luca de Luca, Garofalo’s Global Commercial Director, the company’s venture into cinema has been a success: “We have taken a long term view of how we want the Garofalo brand to develop and grow, and looked carefully at the opportunities we had to support our brand without compromising its values, and in a way that would give us a strong creative platform – cinema was where we found our answer, and also a loyal following from a growing number of customers, not only in Italy, but also in the US and UK.”

Commenting on his work with Garofalo, Terry Gilliam said: “Italy has been home to some of the greatest cinema in the world, but has recently experienced a real lack of support, so it’s good to see a company like Garofalo starting to fill that void, and using cinema, rather than advertising to support its products. It’s been a wonderful experience for me.”

Garofalo Pasta is created from only the finest durum wheat in Gragnano, in the shadows of the ruins of Pompeii, where Garofalo has been making pasta for more than 300 years combining the art and skill of traditional Neapolitan pasta making with the latest technology to create artisan style pasta without equal.

Garofalo Pasta is available through Ocado and independent retailers.



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