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Unrooted, the first premium, healthy energy drink made with Baobab, has launched in Selfridges, Planet Organic and in wholesalers. The range, made up of three variants, will offer consumers a high fibre, natural alternative to sugary, caffeine-laden energy drinks for both day and night.  

In a UK first, each bottle of Unrooted contains 10 grams of handpicked, active baobab that is then carefully blended with all-natural ingredients. Unrooted delivers a healthy dose of prebiotic fibre and metabolic energy-enhancing antioxidants and micronutrients, supplying everything your body needs to create its own energy.

Baobab fruit comes from the iconic African Baobab tree, known locally as the ‘Tree of life’. Packed full of prebiotic fibre and vitamin C, baobab feeds the good bacteria in your gut, regulates your blood sugars and even boosts your metabolism. The result is a healthier microbiome, naturally elevated and longer lasting energy levels and improved mental and physical wellbeing.

Nathan Clemes, Founder of Unrooted commented: “We’re delighted to have launched Unrooted in Selfridges and Planet Organic and expect two long and fruitful partnerships. Our natural energy drink offers retailers a premium and healthy alternative to sugary/caffeine loaded drinks that are slowly going out of fashion. We look forward to securing further business relationships going forward and seeing our product on shelf up and down the country.”

Available in three delicious flavours: Baobab & mango, Baobab & pomegranate and Baobab & ginger, Unrooted is available from w/c 1st April in 250ml bottles at the RRP of £3.50 in Selfridges and Planet Organic. It is also available from Marigold wholesalers.



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