New Sweet Potato Waffles join Birds Eye’s iconic potato waffle range

The new recipe retains the recognisable grid shape that has proven popular with families for generations

Birds Eye Sweet Potato Waffles will be available from 15th October with a £3.6m RSV opportunity

Birds Eye has invented a new product for its iconic waffle range, with NEW Sweet Potato Waffles.

The new Sweet Potato Waffles are a simple blend of lightly-seasoned sweet potato and potato mash.

They are gluten free, vegan and are made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  Like the Original Birds Eye potato waffles, these are low in saturated fat, while having the additional benefit that sweet potatoes count towards an individual’s 5-a-day[1].

The new products retain the iconic grid design to appeal to a wide range of consumers across all age groups. Birds Eye’s original potato waffles have been a firm favourite since their launch in 1981, with the new variant set to take advantage of their iconic status and bring new consumers to the category.

Sweet potato eating occasions continue to grow in frozen, and in research, sweet potato over indexes for all enjoyment and health need states, with perceived health benefits over potato alternatives[2]. Sweet potato products typically command higher prices than the traditional alternatives, helping to bring additional value to the segment and increase basket spend.

Sweet Potato has successfully added value to traditional chips and mash eating occasions and Birds Eye believes the same will be true for the £45m Waffles retail sector.

As with the original potato waffles, retailers can cross-sell complementary products and drive additional sales across the store. The new waffles complement many favourite teatime meal centres like chicken, plus eggs, avocados, beans and other pulses, among others.  The whole Birds Eye Waffle range benefits from the popular “Waffly Versatile” tagline, which relaunched on catch–up TV channels in 2018.

Pete Johnson, General Marketing Manager at Birds Eye, said: “Our classic potato waffles are an icon in the UK and Ireland, and have gained in value through TV and instore investment across four decades. NEW Birds Eye Sweet Potato Waffles give people a new option at teatime and perhaps adds a new vegetable to the plate in a trendy twist of a family favourite. This product allows retailers to harness the love for waffles and sweet potato by offering an instantly iconic product from a recognised brand.”

The new Sweet Potato Waffles will be available to Grocery and Convenience retailers from mid-October, with a pack of eight carrying an MRSP of £2.50.

[1] There is 1/3 of a veg portion in each individual waffle therefore it is best served with other veg

[1] KANTAR Usage study data to May 2017

[1] There is 1/3 of a veg portion in each individual waffle therefore it is best served with other veg

[2] KANTAR Usage study data to May 2017

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