Catherine Hicks, Brand Innovation Manager at Whitworths, comments:


Understanding Breakfast

“Changing eating habits in the UK have led to a sharp increase in the number of people buying ‘breakfast on the go’ products. As a result, brands are increasingly looking to develop innovative new options that can capitalise on this trend.

“The number of usage occasions for breakfast products has steadily increased by 3.5% over the past 5 years* and this is reflected right across the sector. Brands are certainly looking to develop products that will meet the consumer need for “dashboard dining”, “deskfast” and grazing occasions.

“As a brand we face two challenges. Firstly, shoppers are well educated and know that a good breakfast is the perfect start to the day, but most will still struggle to find the time to fit in a morning meal before they leave the house. Secondly, as more consumers look to eat breakfast on the go less healthy options have seen resurgence with shoppers having had limited healthier alternatives to choose from.

“However, more than two thirds (68%) of consumers believe they should eat more healthily**, with fruit and vegetables being seen as the most important route to achieve this***. This consumer desire to eat healthier food brings about opportunities within the dried fruit, nut and seed (DFNS) market for innovative breakfast products.

“As a nation, Brits love the convenience of DFNS – especially the longer shelf life and opportunity to get one of your five a day. In fact, whilst consumers don’t often get the chance to stop for breakfast, we know from our own research that almost 60% of dried fruit eating occasions in the UK take place before 10 am.

“One in ten of all breakfast occasions include some form of DFNS product making it the second fastest growing category behind healthy biscuits, despite no clearly targeted consumer offer.”

The Breakfast Product Solution

“Whitworths is the category leader for DFNS snacking with 37.2% share of the branded market, making it perfectly placed to execute a breakfast solution with DFNS at the core. Carrying out research in the market, we identified a real consumer need for DFNS breakfast products with consumers wanting a tasty, healthy and convenient breakfast option that is filling, moves away from the blandness of cereals and is a positive start to the day.

“Identifying a gap in the existing market for dried fruit and nut pre-packaged and portion controlled snacking products at breakfast in the UK, Whitworths has developed specific on-the-go breakfast options that will help consumers maintain energy levels. Both new products will appeal in particular to the needs of a busy, modern lifestyle.

“Whitworths has also developed a range of specific breakfast additions for consumers who are looking to add some excitement to their at home breakfast options but still want the convenience of pre-prepared breakfast products and greater choice. Many breakfast products now have extra inclusions but customers relish the opportunity to have an increased level of involvement and will gain enjoyment and satisfaction by experimenting.

“Whitworths breakfast on-the-go options, Morning Munch and Whitworths Shots will both be available nationwide from September 2013, as well as the breakfast additions range which includes Whitworths Sprinkles, Whitworths Toppers and Breakfast Flavours.”

Morning Munch

“Morning Munch provides a handy 70g portion of delicious dried fruit and nuts that are perfectly balanced to help maintain energy levels and minimise mid-morning snacking moments, keeping consumers satisfied through to lunch.

“We have taken the classic flavours we know and love from breakfast favourites such as smoothies and pastries to create 6 unique combinations including Strawberry and Banana, Cherries and Berries, Maple Pecan, Cinnamon and Apple, Honey Nuts and Red Berry Crunch.”

Whitworths Shots

“A Whitworths Shot provides a 25g mouth-watering mix of fruits, nuts and seeds to give consumers that all-important, instant breakfast energy boost. Its unique easy-eat packaging highlights it’s on the go convenience and makes these calorie controlled Shots the perfect healthier impulse buy. With less than 100 calories in each portion, the Shots also appeal to evermore health conscious consumers looking to portion control.

“The Whitworths Shot range includes four tasty flavour combinations, including Blueberry and Seed, Berry and Almond, Apricot and Seed and Raisin and Chocolate.”

Whitworths Sprinkles

“A Whitworths Sprinkles breakfast addition is an individual ‘pick & mix’ pot of unique breakfast components to sprinkle, snack and share. In a spice rack style, the 15g- 55g pots bring a selection to the breakfast table for experimental fun – livening up what can often be seen as a more boring and repetitive meal.

“The Sprinkles range includes flavours such as Strawberry Apple, Orange Cranberries and Crimson Raisins, plus many more.”

Whitworths Toppers

“A Whitworths Breakfast Topper is another breakfast addition, offering consumers the opportunity to add texture and flavour to their existing breakfast meals like porridge, yoghurts and cereal. These perfectly blended fruit, nut and seed mixes – with a hint of indulgence – are a simple and delicious way to enhance the taste of breakfast and break consumers out of the boring breakfast routine.

“The Breakfast Toppers come in 140-175g pots (around 10 servings) in flavours such as Apple Cinnamon & Dark chocolate, Orange & Seed, Tropical Fruit & Nut and Berries & White Chocolate.”

Whitworths Breakfast Flavours

“Whitworths Breakfast Flavours are an ideal way to get one of your five a day at Breakfast, but with the convenience of a longer shelf life and more exciting flavours. Breakfast Flavours are 140g -150g bags of juicy fruits infused with delicious breakfast flavours that make functional fruits easier to eat. Flavours include Vanilla Prunes, Maple Figs, Orange Raisins and Honey Apricots.”

Catherine Hicks is Brand Innovation Manager at Whitworths.

* Kantar Worldpanel In Home Consumption, 2013

** Kantar Worldpanel State of the Nation, 2012

*** Kantar Worldpanel State of the Nation, 2012


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