Yale introduces a Pedestrian Awareness Light (PAL) option which has been designed to provide an alert to pedestrians and users of mobile equipment that forklifts are operational in the area.


The “Blue Point” light is available as either a factoryfitted option, or can be retrofitted to existing equipment from any manufacturer.

The Yale solution projects an intense and highly visible pattern on the floor which creates a conspicuous visual warning to pedestrians. This may be useful in noisy environments where audible warnings may be missed, and at blind intersections where direct visibility of equipment may be obscured.

The spotlight is attached to the back of the forklift and projects a blue light on to the floor to act as a warning to other workers in the area.

Automotive component manufacturer Borges is currently the world’s leading provider of textiles and acoustic material for all vast array of cars and trucks.

Director of Logistics, Jochen Harmeling, explains how the lights have helped at the Borges plant in Spain. He says: “Pedestrian Awareness Lights have allowed us to increase efficiency of the working environment in the plant without affecting noise levels, thanks to the higher visibility of trucks moving inside the warehouse.”


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