First time farmers and founders of ice cream manufacturer, Yorvale have announced the launch of Yorlife Kefir fermented milk drinks.


Yorlife Kefir has been developed in conjunction with natural fast food restaurant chain, Leon and comprises three flavours, Natural; Blueberry and Elderflower and Mango and Passionfruit.

Yorlife’s Commercial Manager, Tim Robinson, has driven the project and explains the rationale for launch: “A couple of years ago, I was feeling the pain of working full time, a busy family life with three young children and training for ultra-marathons, and my energy levels were low.

“I researched natural ways to improve energy levels and discovered the magic of kefir, which I started to make at home. Within a couple of weeks, my energy levels were back to normal and I felt great.

“Enthused with my rediscovered wellness, I suggested kefir as a new product to my colleagues. As a company, health, wellbeing and balance is important to us, so kefir, which is renowned for its high levels of beneficial gut friendly bacteria, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and minerals, sits well with our ethos.

“We set to work developing Yorlife Kefir and we’re really pleased with the resulting drink that is delicious on its own, or a versatile ingredient in smoothies and other recipes.”

Yorlife Kefir is made by adding live yeast cultures, called kefir grains, to milk which is collected daily from our herd of Friesian cows and allowed to ferment. During this process, it grows lots of good bacteria which is essential to help rebalance the gut’s flora and maintain healthy digestion.

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