New Picture Is a fresh & exciting new approach to sports hydration; with a zero tolerance on additives and artificial flavourings in our beverage we really can say there is nothing but all natural ingredients in our products.

Our aim was to create a drink rivalling the benefits and simple purity of water, with this goal in mind we simply add natural fruit flavours to cut through thirst and trace vitamins and minerals to restore the body’s natural levels;


  • Vitamin C – One of the bodies most important antioxidants
  • Vitamin B6 – Supports & increases the rate of metabolism, muscle tone whilst enhancing the immune & nervous system function
  • Magnesium – The happy mineral, improves energy levels & fights fatigue

Generate is produced using a unique pasteurisation process which eliminates the need for artificial preservatives to sustain shelf life. The benefits of good hydration are:

  • Stay healthy by replacing the fluids lost
  • Enhance mental clarity
  • Helps remove toxins from the body

Generate Key Facts

  • We are targeting a £1 retail selling price – cheaper than current leading brands*
  • £1 Price Mark Bottles Available
  • Minimum 20% POR
  • It has a range of refreshing natural fruit flavours
  • It is specifically designed to both rehydrate & boost energy levels naturally rather than using artificial ingredients
  • Our claim is simple & undeniable good re-hydration
  • Made only from Natural ingredients

With a natural energy boost from Magnesium

Generate therefore has the potential for mass-market appeal, targeting health conscious and busy individuals both male and female.


Generate launches exclusively with Fresh to Store T/A Kerryfresh on the 28th December 2015, Kerryfresh have 26 sales centres nationally covering every postcode in Great Britain. Delivering to over 10,000 customers every 48hrs.

Generate Product

Citrus and Berry flavours available in both priced and unpriced 500ml bottle.

Recommended Selling Price for Unpriced bottles is £1.39.

For more information, please contact Campbell Grant (Sales and Marketing Director – Generate Drinks)

*Market Research – compared to leading vitamin water brand – November 2015

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