A refreshing new beer has been added to the Bandidos range of authentically flavoured beers.

The newest addition, Bandidos Sun (4.0% ABV) with orange and guava flavours, is now available. The 330ml range also includes Bandidos Tequila, Bandidos Cuba Libre with caipirinha, rum and lime juice, and Bandidos Ice, with lime juice.

Distributed by Lasko Beer UK, the beers are ideal served from the chiller, combining natural flavours with beer.

Charles Gardner, director of Lasko Beer UK Ltd, said: “Bandidos Sun is another authentic product with an appeal to a wide range of consumers. We’re confident that it will drive further growth for the range over the coming year.”

The flagship Bandidos Tequila flavour is a proven success in pubs and bars.  Combining premium lager with natural flavours of tequila and lime, the 5.1% ABV brew offers a refreshing lager taste along with a tequila kick.

The classic Bandidos Tequila serve is with a wedge of lime in the neck of the bottle, sliced so the peel is outside the bottle and the fruit can be wiped around the inside before the ice cold beer is poured.

Charles Gardner said: “Tequila is the fastest growing flavour in the RTD market, and because Bandidos gets its kick from the premium lager and natural flavours, rather than from any added spirit, when served ice-cold it delivers high levels of refreshment

“The warm weather has encouraged many new consumers to try the brand, and we’re pleased to say that Bandidos Tequila is becoming a permanent fixture in the fridges of many pubs and bars.”

To stock the Bandidos range

call 07768 683915 or

email sales@lasko-beer.co.uk

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