ALL-ADSCalifornia Raisins have launched a new consumer advertising campaign throughout the UK to help consumers understand that despite recent retail price increases, California Raisins still represent incredible value when compared with some other dried and fresh fruit.

Recent retail price increases, some as much as 30% have caused concern among UK buyers as to how demand may be affected by the increases. “While the California Raisin industry kept us fully up to date as to why the increases took place, it doesn’t mean that consumer demand will remain at the level it was prior to these price increases” said a spokesperson from one of the major national UK retailers.

“Following the announcement of the price increases late last year, we’ve worked very hard to try and help retailers and their customers to appreciate what excellent value raisins still provide when compared with other fruit” said European Marketing Director, Peter Meadows “Where else can you buy 1,200 pieces of fruit for less than £4? Plus let’s not forget the nutritional benefits California Raisins offer” he continues.

Following the removal of the grower funded Export Replacement Offer (ERO) in October 2010, the raisin export ‘subsidy’ so long enjoyed by UK buyers, was removed causing prices to rise to unprecedented levels and caused concern among key British retailers over the increase’s possible affect on consumers. “It’s still too early to say whether the increases have actually made a difference” said one retailer “but we are grateful to California Raisins for helping educate consumers regarding the value that raisins provide”
The new advertising campaign is aimed at over 5 million core consumers across 12 publications and 6 online advertising banners. The target audience will be women aged 25-50, parents with pre-and primary school children and health conscious adults. In addition to the general facts about California Raisins, we will also offer a FREE 12 page booklet to encourage consumers to use and experiment with California Raisins and show how they can use the product within starters, main meals, desserts and snacks.

This will also form part of the research data to enable the RAC to monitor the uptake of this campaign.

The campaign is due to launch in March.

For further information please contact The California Raisins Administrative Committee on 01753 827650 or via email at

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