Welcome to the July issue of Wholesale Manager. We agree with Home Secretary Priti Patel who says police response to wholesale crime is “not good enough”. Ms Patel has said the police must do more to protect shop owners and their stock from criminals who target them on cash and carry premises, or “they will answer to me.” Ms Patel met representatives of food and drink wholesalers during a visit to Costco in Chingford with local MP Iain Duncan Smith.


Well done to the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) for saying an advertising ban on foods high in Fat, Salt and Sugar (HFSS) is “headline chasing.” The Government has announced a 9pm HFSS advertising watershed on TV, alongside a ban on all paid for HFSS advertising online. The FDF’s Chief Scientific Officer, Kate Halliwell, said: “We are disappointed that the Government continues to press ahead with headline chasing policies which will undermine existing Government policies, principally the reformulation programmes to reduce calories, sugars and salt and portion sizes.”

Interesting to hear the majority of the British public want to get rid of plastic packaging on their food and have compostable packaging instead, according to a new Yonder poll. The survey also found that most (83 percent) are supportive of a tax on plastic packaging to curb plastic waste. It found strong public support for compostable packaging as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic packaging.

When Guy Swindell was recently appointed joint Managing Director of Parfetts, along with Noel Robinson, it marked the culmination of a 20 year journey at the wholesaler which had started with him working on the tills. Parfetts itself has been on quite a journey, remaining on target to hit 1000 Go Local Symbol group members by the end of next year. Guy Swindell tells our Who’s Who in Wholesaling page how Parfetts coped with Covid and about his plans to grow the business in 2021.

The beer market experienced unparalleled growth in 2020 as consumers drank at home due to the lockdowns. The pandemic also stimulated the trend towards premiumisation. On our Partners for Profit page, Daria Kuznetsova, Commercial Controller of Off-Trade Wholesale at Budweiser Brewing Group, explains what trends are driving the market and how wholesalers can merchandise beer in depot.

In May, KP Snacks announced it is extending its flagship Better for You brand popchips with the launch of a new product range, popchips Veg Vibes. Classically popped not fried, the brand new light and crunchy snack made of chickpea, rice, and sweet potato is launching in two flavours, Sriracha and Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, which have been especially designed to meet bold flavour notes shoppers are looking for. In a Supplier Spotlight interview, Matt Collins, Trading Director at KP Snacks, discusses the brand’s health credentials and how it will be supported.

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