S&B Herba is dedicated to the source, development, supply and distribution of a comprehensive range of quality food products. They are highly experienced in all aspects of sales, marketing and distribution of brands, private label and food ingredients.

Peacock-USA-Ad[3]S&B’s portfolio includes rice, rice flour, couscous and semolina, dried fruit, IQF Rice and IQF Pasta and peas and pulses. Their products are sourced from around the world to meet customers’ needs and are covered by their quality assurance guarantee.

S&B’s commercial offices are based in Orpington and they have two rice production facilities in Cambridge and Liverpool. Both factories have BRC Grade A accreditation and kosher approval and Cambridge has FEMAS accreditation.

S&B Herba Foods have been part of the Ebro Foods Group since 2004. Ebro Foods is the leading group in the Spanish food sector. It is a multinational food group operating in the rice, pasta and sauces sectors. It has commercial and industrial presence in more than 25 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa, through its extensive network of subsidiaries and over 65 leading brands worldwide.

Serving the Ethnic Sector

S&B Herba Foods have been supplying the ethnic market for over 50 years.

Being part of Ebro Foods, a global rice company, makes S&B the ideal supplier serving the diverse and specialised rice varieties demanded by the Ethnic sector. They supply high quality rice to wholesalers and distributors across UK and Ireland serving the chefs and owners of Chinese and Indian restaurants and takeaways, as well as a diverse range of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Thai, African and Caribbean consumers. The wide product range includes rice from around the world. They also mill Ground Rice, Rice Flour and Rice Cones in the UK.

USA Rice

S&B’s USA Rice brands are well known for their quality and authenticity, and are found in the best professional and home kitchens. “USA Long Grain Rice is very popular with our customers”, says Peter Walker, Ethnic Sales Manager. “The grain quality and colour of USA long grain rice is of a consistently high quality and is imbued with the seal of quality that only US long grain can provide. Customers cherish the excellent cooking characteristics and reward this quality by choosing it every time”.

The rice is cultivated in the areas surrounding the Mississippi River Delta. The combination of the fertile soil, climate and environment and the strict agricultural practices provides ideal growing conditions resulting in a consistent, high quality and versatile rice.

Quality and integrity have long been the hallmarks of US Rice farmers, which is why the US is one of the world’s largest rice exporters.

USA Rice Brands

Phoenix was established in 1961, when the British public developed an interest and taste for Chinese cuisine. The Phoenix brand has grown in popularity alongside the Chinese restaurant sector. Today, Phoenix is the leading brand of rice, trusted by Chinese restaurants and takeaways. S&B carefully select and polish only the finest grains of rice. This ensures that the rice is perfect for Chinese restaurants and great for the home.

Phoenix USA Long Grain Rice:

available in 20kg, & 45kg bags, is ideal for boiled and fried rice to compliment Chinese cuisine. Double Water Polished for a consistent high quality with a brighter and whiter appearance than standard Long Grain Rice.

Peacock was established in 1898 to supply Chinese and Bengali restaurants and for home consumption. Peacock continues to be the leading brand in the Scottish-Chinese restaurant sector.

Peacock USA Long Grain Rice:

available in 20kg &40kg bags, is ideal for boiled and fried Rice to complement Chinese cuisine. Peacock Long Grain Rice is Double Water Polished for a consistent high quality with brighter and whiter appearance than standard Long Grain Rice.

Peacock USA Easy Cook (Parboiled) Rice:

available in 5kg, 10kg, 20kg & 40kg. The parboiling process makes this rice quick and easy to cook, and it yields individual fluffy grains which do not stick. Premium American Parboiled Rice is renowned for its consistent quality and it can be used for countless International savoury dishes, such as Jollof, Jerk Chicken, Chilli Con Carne and Salads. It is very popular for Afro-Caribbean cuisine. S&B’s USA rice products can be found in many leading wholesalers and Cash & Carries, servicing the Ethnic market in the UK and Ireland.

Supporting the Brands

S&B Herba Foods support their USA rice brands with price promotions, in-store displays, and radio, on-line and outdoor advertising.

In December, a 10% extra free promotion on Peacock USA Easy Cook Long Grain Rice was heavily supported by radio advertising, a phone-in competition to win a year’s supply of rice and outdoor bill board advertising in targeted areas.


Tel: 01689 878700

Email: sales@sbhf.com


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