Eat Natural is proud to announce a new relationship with Palmer & Harvey Direct Van Sales. P&H have created a national campaign called ‘The Big Drive’, which sees the P&H Direct Team (comprising of over 120 sales staff across the UK) targeting 3,000 golf clubs with Eat Natural’s brand new ‘’bars with benefits’ range.

‘Bars with benefits’ is a four-strong range of bars each carrying a nutritional ‘leg up’ such as better digestion, fibre, omega 3, or protein – so it’s perfect for active golfers looking for a tasty, wholesome treat.

• with protein with maple syrup, pecans and peanuts. Eat Natural’s first ever vegan bar. This bar contains 40% more protein than a standard Eat Natural brazil & sultana bar. It’s made with over 70% naturally protein-loaded nuts and seeds: a mix of peanuts, indulgent pecan nuts, golden linseeds and nutty sunflower seeds all gently drenched with Canadian maple syrup and baked lightly for a mellow, rich taste and crunch. (Vegan, wheat, and gluten free.)

• better inside yoghurt coated coconut & apricot. This bar contains chicory root – a naturally active ingredient well known for its digestive qualities – alongside juicy apricot, crunchy pieces of brazil nuts and coconut flakes, all coated in our own yoghurt coating. Chicory root is a herbaceous relative of the dandelion, and contains a type of soluble fibre called inulin, which can aid digestive traction and promote general gut wellbeing. (Veggie, wheat, and gluten free.)

• high in fibre with apple, ginger and dark chocolate. Fibre is important to a healthy lifestyle and all ingredients were especially chosen for their fibre rich properties – each bar packing a powerful 3.5g fibre. Shredded toasted coconut, sun-dried apricots, dried cranberries, creamy cashew nuts, golden linseeds and dried red apple are combined with delicious honey, dark chocolate and warm spicy ginger to give a totally delicious fibre hit. (Veggie, wheat, and gluten free.)

• high in omega-3 with dark chocolate chunks, peanuts and seeds. This bar is rich in Omegas thanks to the golden linseeds and chia seeds. The body cannot make these on its own but they are essential for maintaining good blood cholesterol levels. Made with over 50% nuts and seeds: a rich mix of almonds, sunflower, golden linseeds, chia seeds and peanuts gently combined with dried apricots, rich dates and delicious dark chocolate and honey.

(Veggie, wheat and gluten free.) The offer to the golf clubs is: buy all four skus (4 x display cases) and receive a permanent wooden display to help merchandise the range to full effect. Gillian Sabljak, Eat Natural’s national account manager and who brokered the deal with P&H, says, “Our relationship with Palmer & Harvey goes from strength to strength. To be able to target 3000 golf clubs is a dream come true for us – golfers are an ideal target consumer for us, given their love of the outdoors and living well. We can’t wait to see the results.”


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