all-varieties.jpgWalkers Nonsuch Toffees, England’s Finest Speciality Toffee makers are highlighting their Traditional Sweet Shop Jar range – now available in 8 varieties! Walkers use only the best ingredients, full cream milk, brown sugar, butter and really good quality Belgian Chocolate. To add to this they are blessed with over 100 years of cooking experience. There are no artificial colours, preservatives or hydrogenated vegetable oils in their unique recipe.

Walkers have some outstanding differences to other manufacturers. For instance, they use actual nibs of nuts on the Nutty Brazil Toffees ~ the only manufacturer to do so! Each toffee is wrapped in metallised waxed paper retaining good shape and freshness.

The jars have something to suit everyone from Old English Royal Toffees, good old fashioned Treacle Toffees and the latest addition Chocolate Toffees, perfect for all year round.

Emma Walker comments: “Our Liquorice Toffees are our number one seller. We use liquorice extract that originates from actual liquorice root, hence a very strong and, some say, addictive taste. The wrappers are also distinctive and eye catching in red, black and white.”

Besides the 8 varieties of jars, they also have an extensive range of 2.5kg Bulk Bags. They offer 14 different twist wrapped toffees including five chocolate éclairs, five toffees, milk chocolate and dark chocolate covered toffees and completing the range two nut toffees!

Walkers sell on the strength of the quality and believe their toffees create loyal customers for retailers all over the world.

Walkers Nonsuch Ltd
Tel: 01782 321525

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